My 21 Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2021

Welcome back! This is always my favorite post of the year, so what better way to get back into utilizing this space. As a reminder, these are all products that I’ve personally purchased through Amazon this year. After viewing this list I’d recommend that you take a look at my lists from past years! You can find my 2018 favorites here & my 2019 favorites here. If there are any Amazon products you think I should try in 2022 let me know in the comments!


1. These have been recommended to me for years & I held out way too long. This Hairdryer Brush is a game changer! If I’m going to a special event I’ll still touch up the ends with a straightener but for everyday it’s perfect. It dries just as quickly as a normal hairdryer but with the added benefit of not frizzing it out or fluffing it up too much.

2. These ’90s Claw Clips are back in style but they’re so functional why did we ever stop using them?! I was a little concerned about how comfortable they would be since I normally only wear one for a short period of time, but after wearing one to a friend’s ’90s themed bachelorette night I can confirm they’re super comfy.

3.I’ve posted about these Gel Polish Kits so it’s no secret that I’m obsessed. I’ve already saved a ton of cash vs getting them done in the salon every couple of weeks. Definitely a learning curve if you’re not used to doing your own nails but now I get complimented on them as if they were professionally done. Love that they come with both a glossy & a matte top coat.

4. If you’re picking up one of the gel polish kits then don’t forget the UV Light for Gel Polish to go with them! This the device you need to set the polish. It has 90 second, 60 second, & 30 second timers. I use all three depending on which layer I’m on!

5. Skeptical didn’t begin to cover it when I first saw this Tattoo Brow product. I was concerned that even if it worked that it would rip out my brow hair or just be incredibly painful to peel off. Here to report that not only does it work but peeled off so easily without any pain or damage. I love to use this between rounds of microblading.

6. Thankfully I’m not yet dealing with having to cover up grays but I use this Root Cover Up to conceal any thinner patches of hair or exposed scalp due to how I’ve styled it. This works especially well for tighter styles like french braids.


7. This Initial Necklace Duo has been trending for months so you’ve probably seen it all over Instagram. With how inexpensive it is I just couldn’t pass it up! I can confirm this set looks cute together or wearing each of the separately. Can’t wait to find more that I can mix & match with.

8. Let’s be honest, as great as my full-size Uggs have held up (seriously, they’re like 15 years old & still amazing) I just don’t think the slippers hold up as well. For the last couple of years I’ve been finding a well-reviewed, inexpensive alternative to the popular style. This year I purchased these Memory Foam Faux Fur Slippers & I love them so far! I wear my slippers basically any time I’m home so they tend to wear out right before a year of use. Spending $25 annually feels a lot better than the $80 Uggs would cost.

9. One accessory I wear every day is my Apple Watch so one of the easiest ways to switch up my look is with a new Apple Watch Band. I love how this one has held up. I’ve worn it in the shower, bath, & pool – basically wherever I am it goes – & I haven’t had any issues with it. I’ll definitely be purchasing more bands from this shop in the future.


10. This Electronic Lighter keeps selling out! Everyone I know who has one, myself included, loves it. It’s ready to go out of the box & comes with a USB charger. You’ll never have to worry about running out of lighter fluid again. No worries about having it around children either as it has a couple of safety features built in.

11. Another item that has gone viral this year has been these Glasses. They’re simple so perfect for everyday in every home & also easy to clean. Just a bonus that layered drinks look gorgeous in them. I’ve been using mine for homemade cold brew topped with cold foam. I’ll have that recipe for you as soon as I’ve perfected it.

12. As we all know, plastic straws are on the way out but I’m sorry, paper straws are disgusting & metal straws gross me out. These Glass Straws are the perfect solution! I love that I can see what’s going on inside so I know they’re clean. They pair perfectly with the glasses above!

13. This Cheese Board & Knife Set is what I brought to our white elephant gift exchange this year. It’s something that everyone wanted! It comes with four cheese knifes made to slice an assortment of cheese types & they’re all stored in a built in drawer. No more digging through your utensil drawer for them. They’ll always be right where you need them. Even if you already have a wooden board, you can never have too many!

14. Another item that I purchased as a gift this year was this set of Button Thermometers. They allow you to check the temperature of individual cuts of meat at the same time. These are perfect for groups who like their steaks cooked to different temperatures.

15. One inexpensive step you can make towards elevating your kitchen table is by using Cloth Napkins instead of paper towels for everyday meals. I purchased the white ones because I figured they’d be the easiest to clean but there are so many colors to choose from.

16. If you’re thinking about getting into juicing then this Self-Cleaning Juicer is perfect. Cleaning a juicer yourself can be a nightmare because there are so many sharp edges that pulp gathers in. With this one, once you’ve finished juicing, you fill a compartment with water & set the dial to self-clean. The juicer does the rest! My favorite juices to make are carrot, celery, & cucumber but definitely open to suggestions.


17. I’ve been using this Laundry Sanitizer on anything my dog Winston uses, like his blankets & towels, as well as any blankets or clothes I used while I was sick. It helps so much with odors in his laundry especially.

18. This Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator has been on this list in years past & it’ll be on this list again, guaranteed. This is my favorite spray for cleaning up any accidents Winston may have indoors.

19. In 2020 I moved into an apartment with lots of polished concrete floors which I love but because they still have plenty of texture they were more difficult to clean. The WetJet just wasn’t cutting it anymore so I switched to this Cordless Electric Mop & it’s exactly what I was looking for. It takes all the elbow grease out of mopping. Even better, the sets of pads it comes with are washable. Another item I wash with the laundry sanitizer above!


20. We first played this game at a friend’s house & I loved it so much I purchased a copy of Skyjo Card Game to bring on family vacation. It was a hit! Perfect for groups of all ages. I’ve played it with people aged from preschool to their 60s. The color coding of the cards is super helpful for small kids. Probably a great way to help them with learning numbers.

21. Another item I purchased as a gift this year was Echo Auto. I also bought one for myself. I don’t have any smart features in my current vehicle like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto but my family does & it works well in all of our vehicles. Most useful is probably the ability to ask Alexa for directions hands-free & have it pop up as a notification on your phone or show up right on your car’s screen.

I hope you enjoyed this post & found content of interest or of value to you.
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