Before we get started I wanted to throw in a little warning that we’re discussing a blood typing kit and at the end of the post there’s a photo of my results, blood included. If that’s not for you, head back to my homepage to check out my other posts!

The other day I was having a conversation with some friends when the subject of blood type came up and while almost everyone knew theirs, I didn’t. If you know me, you know that means I now had to find out! I headed over to Amazon to see if there was a kit I could complete at home and sure enough they had one. For under $8 I picked up this Eldon Blood Typing Kit.

All the reviews I saw said that it was super simple to complete as long as you read all of the instructions first. The instructions are step-by-step and illustrated so it’s easy to follow along with. The blood typing kit comes with everything you need to complete the test, including an alcohol swap to sterilize your fingertips with before pricking them. After reading the instructions I laid out all of the contents so I could easily grab them when needed.

The testing card comes in a sealed envelope which protects it until you’re ready to use it. According to the instructions, it can last up to two years while still sealed but once you open it, it should be used that day. First you use the pipette to place a single drop of water in each of the testing circles. This helps mix your blood sample with the testing material. When conducting your test, take care not to mix between circles as that would skew your results.

After putting a drop of water in each circle, you then prick a finger or two and use the four included plastic devices to place a drop of blood in each circle. You’ll also use those devices to mix the testing material, water, and blood together. After a few minutes you can compare the results on your card with the possible outcomes on the instructions to obtain your blood type.

The blood typing kit was inexpensive and easy to use. More importantly, I finally know my blood type! If you’re interested in learning yours as well pick up this Eldon Blood Typing Kit from Amazon.

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  2. This is so cool! I had no idea you could get a kit from Amazon. But I should have guessed! 😂

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