While I love having photos & videos of a special event, creating that content can really distract from the experience. Not to mention, otters don’t really stop & strike a pose for the camera. They’re constantly on the go & you should be too!

I’ve been a huge GoPro fan for years because of their compact size & because they’re waterproof (newer models only) but now I have a whole new reason to love GoPro. I purchased the GoPro Max, their new 360° camera, & now I’ll never go anywhere without it! Because of the option to film 360° I don’t have to worry about what direction the camera is facing or if it’s level. I can decide all of that afterwards during editing!

All of our otter photos were pulled from the footage taken on either my GoPro Max or my GoPro Hero 7 Black. This one is from the Max & in it you can see the 7 (probably being chewed on by an otter). It was so cool to just let the cameras run while we just enjoyed the company of the otters. If you’re looking for the perfect camera check out GoPro! 📷 Can’t wait to finish editing the footage so I can share it with you.

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