Top App for TikTok: CapCut CapCut contains all of the tools you need to create TikToks, Reels, or Shorts, but it’s specifically designed with TikTok in mind. In fact, if you share directly to TikTok the CapCut watermark is removed & it’s uploaded directly into their video editor for finalContinue Reading This Post

With Apple’s fall keynote scheduled for September 7th, the launch of iOS 16 is just around the corner. The developer beta has been available since shortly after WWDC in June & the public beta has been available since about a month later in July, so I’ve had plenty of timeContinue Reading This Post

Years ago Serial essentially resurected podcasts from the media grave where it lay right beside VHS & 8-track. Since then the true crime podcast market has become incredibly saturated with another popping up nearly every week. It’s so difficult to decide which to listen to! To help you out I’veContinue Reading This Post

In case you haven’t heard, animal print is back! Maybe we can thank Taylor Swift for resurrecting this trend from her Reputation Tour’s snake print obsession. Leopard print is by far the most popular with snake print close behind. I also threw in a couple of tiger print items whichContinue Reading This Post

Last year we took a family vacation to Walt Disney World & I obviously couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show off my pineapple tee in front of this pineapple wall. When packing for our trip I knew I wanted outfits that would be cool, comfortable, & easy to wearContinue Reading This Post