2022 Recap: a Look Behind the Scenes at What Was Most Popular This Past Year

We’ve all seen which links are getting posted all over Instagram, but have you ever wondered which products are actually being purchased? I’m here to take you for a little look behind the scenes so you can see just that.

Most Popular Purchase: Overall

This one was not a close race at all. Most popular in this case means the item I linked which was then purchased most often. I didn’t even need to look at the analytics to know which product this would be. You guys went crazy for the Stanley 40oz Tumbler, & for good reason! This product has been sold out far more often than it has been in stock. I currently own this tumbler in blue but am dying to get my hands on the green color variant.

Most Expensive Purchase: Overall

I’m a big fan of frugal purchases so when I recommend a pricy item you know it’s going to be worth it. The most expensive product sold came right at the very end of the year. A friend was looking for an alternative to purchasing gallons of filtered water & had seen the Berkey Water Filtration System at my apartment. It has been the perfect solution for their family! While they do cost a couple hundred dollars, it doesn’t take very long before you’ll make up the difference in what you’re no longer spending on bottled water. There are various sizes so you can choose which is the right size for you. Personally, I have the smallest stainless steel option which is the Travel Berkey. It holds 1.5 gallons of filtered water at a time. I use my Berkey water for everything now. Of course it’s the only water I use in my Stanley, but it’s also the water I fill my coffee/tea maker‘s water reservoir with, & the only water I cook with.

Most Popular Purchase: Beauty

This one should also come as no surprise as these were incredibly popular this year. The most popular product in beauty was the Revlon One-Step HairDryer and HotBrush. I am still using mine every single day. It makes the process of washing, drying, & styling my hair take way less time than starting the drying process with a typical hairdryer which just frizzes up my hair before I tame it back down. I don’t see myself going back any time soon.

Most Popular Purchase : Fashion

This item made My 21 Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2021 a year ago, so I love that you loved this item in 2022! The most popular fashion item was this layered initial necklace. It’s inexpensive & looks fantastic on, especially over dark colors. Another thing I love about it is that all 26 letters are kept in stock! Sometimes it’s really difficult to find less popular initials on items like this.

Most Popular: Blog Post

This one surprised me a little bit because it was out of the norm compared to my typical blog posts. The most popular post on this site for 2022 was 16 Essential Items to Have on Your Disney Cruise Packing List. I don’t think it was anything I’ve done that made this post especially successful, but that it just shows the popularity behind Disney & Disney Cruise Line specifically. In fact, not only was it my most popular blog post of 2022, but it’s currently my most popular blog post of all time. That’s the magic of Disney!

Most Popular: YouTube Video

Going into our trip to London I had so many ideas for Instagram, the blog, & YouTube, but we did so much that by the time we got home I was exhausted. That’s why this video sat unused in my photo library until Queen Elizabeth II passed away in September 2022, but once I got it posted my video of God Save the Queen on Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee quickly became my most popular YouTube video. This was such a special moment to experience in person & I love reliving it through the video I captured.

Most Popular: YouTube Short

YouTube Shorts are a new format which is similar to TikTok videos or Instagram Reels. One reason I prefer them however is that they’re much more likely to be seen by your subscribers/followers when compared to other platforms which are more likely to show them to people who are not currently following you. It’s also really interesting to see how the same video will differ (sometimes greatly) in performance on different platforms. My most popular YouTube Short this year was titled This Weird Fact Keeps Me Up at Night. I stitched a Short with this prompt & briefly discussed the FBI’s investigation into the Church of the Hammer. If you want more info you’re going to have to watch the video!

Most Popular: Instagram Reel

This Reel completely hogged my notifications for months. I guess you’d say that this Reel went viral. It currently sits at nearly 300k views, which wouldn’t be a lot on TikTok, but it certainly is on Instagram. It had no caption & no hashtags. I really couldn’t tell you how it happened, but if you want to see who I’d be stuck in an elevator with definitely check it out this Instagram Reel.

Did any of these take you by surprise? Is there another product or piece of content which you think should be more popular than it is? One thing’s for sure, I have big plans for 2023 & can’t wait to see where we go from here.

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