Welcome back! This is always my favorite post of the year, so what better way to get back into utilizing this space. As a reminder, these are all products that I’ve personally purchased through Amazon this year. After viewing this list I’d recommend that you take a look at myContinue Reading This Post

While I love having photos & videos of a special event, creating that content can really distract from the experience. Not to mention, otters don’t really stop & strike a pose for the camera. They’re constantly on the go & you should be too! I’ve been a huge GoPro fanContinue Reading This Post

Before we get started I wanted to throw in a little warning that we’re discussing a blood typing kit and at the end of the post there’s a photo of my results, blood included. If that’s not for you, head back to my homepage to check out my other posts!Continue Reading This Post

It’s no secret here that I’m obsessed with a good Amazon find. One of my first blog posts was My 18 Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2018 & I followed it up this year with My Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2019. They’re two of my most popular blog posts to date!Continue Reading This Post

Without much notice for the unprecedented measures currently being taken to diffuse the spread of the novel coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19, it’s safe to say that many of us did not adequately prepare to entertain ourselves for this long. Everyone’s focus was on stocking up on food &Continue Reading This Post